The Sidekicks Taekwondo style emphasizes the develop-ment and use of both kicking and hand techniques to its best advantage  - which provides greater striking strength in all areas of its techniques. The school has a collective wisdom and experience of over 80 years. Sidekicks Taekwondo style consists of seven sections of physical training which improve students both physically and mentally.

  1. BASICS - element of hand and arm motion.
  2. KICKS - element of foot and leg motion.                
  3. FITNESS - evidence of physical fitness
  4. FORMS - individual action.
  5. ONE STEP - practical use of combat techniques.
  6. SPARRING - relative free combat action.
  7. BREAKING - evidence of power. 

These skills are the basis of the organization's requirements for grading and rank promotion.

The school places most of its emphasis on:

1. Discipline -
training that is expected to produce
    a controlled behaviour that produces moral and
    mental improvement in our students.
2. Honour -
Personal integrity maintained without
    legal or other obligation.
3. Integrity -
Rigid adherence to a code of
    standard and values.
4. Self-control -
Control of one’s emotions,
     desires, or actions by one’s own will.
5. Self-Esteem -
Pride in oneself.
6. Respect - (a)
To feel or show a different regard
    for; to esteem or show esteem. (b) Willingness to
    show one’s consideration or appreciation.
7. Pride -  
Pleasure or satisfaction taken in one’s
    work or achievements.
8. Loyalty -
Faithfulness to a person, ideal, or

Student Oath

Our Students' Oath




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