Community Outreach

GMO’s Community Outreach Program


GMO gets out in the local community. He’s busy visiting schools, engaging in dialog with students, and taking time to connect in person. His actions foster well-being in our society. Grandmaster Orange has developed partnerships in education with local community schools.


Over the years, Grandmaster Orange has been Principal for a Day at several local schools, he spoke at numerous graduations and at Grandparent’s Day events. He’s provided Sidekicks Academy as a gallery for student artwork to be displayed. He’s been a Partner in Education for many years.



GMO Community Outreach at School

GMO Community Outreach at School



GMO Maurice Orange talks to kids in schools about how he was bullied as a child. So his mom signed him up for martial arts. He didn’t want to go to the classes. But his mom made him go. She kept telling him to, “get in the car”.



So he kept getting in the car.  Over time, he became more confident and his grades improved. Then he became a black belt. Then he owned his own school.


His stories hit home with kids today.  Kids relate to GMO.  And he relates to kids.



One of GMO’s recent community outreach talks is recorded here.  The theme was Everyday Heroes.


Student Letter to GMO

Student Letter to GMO

Here’s a 20-minute audio clip from one of GMO’s recent classroom visits. This Community Outreach was for a group of 1st graders in San Diego Unified School District.



Thank You Letter GMO Community Outreach

Thank You Letter GMO Community Outreach

GMO’s Community Outreach for Black History Month



Grandmaster Orange is a community outreach favorite during Black History Month.



GMO is very dynamic, as you will see during the month of February.  You may spot him darning an African garment hand made with all the trimmings, including a hat and shoes.  He often travels with African drums or other percussion instruments.



Grandmaster Orange typically visits a school a day, during the month of February.   And yes, he dons a different unique colorful African outfit for each school visit.

GMO Community Outreach Outfit
GMO Community Outreach Outfit

Where did he get the outfits?


We were surprised to hear his story about that too.  Check out the upcoming video where he tells that funny story!

How can I get GMO to visit my school or community organization?



You can book an onsite school or other community outreach visit with GMO by emailing or contacting him on the Contact Form.  Visits are usually booked several months in advance and often repeat visits are booked a year in advance.   :0 So don’t wait.


Use Contact Form Below to Book GMO for Community Outreach

What kind of stories does Grandmaster Orange talk about when he does Community Outreach?



He also talks about challenges and turmoils he, his family and community faced growing up in Oklahoma City during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 70’s.

GMO tells about what it was like growing up in a very poverty laden community, and how different, yet how alike that looks from a typical poor family today. He tells of his mother’s inherent distrust in white people. He relays the stories of having to go to the dump yard for shoes, and wearing two different shoes on their feet.  His heartfelt stories of waiting hungry at home for his mom to bring leftovers from the diner where she worked, so that they could have food to eat, connect him with kids.


GMO talks about sharing a bed with his 3 brothers, while his 3 sisters shared another bed.  There they grew up, in a little ramshackle house laden with cockroaches and rats climbing on the walls.  Fortunately for little GMO, he did not know any different for the time, some things were all he knew.  He didn’t know a lot of that was different from the way other people lived.


Little GMO

Grandmaster Orange, a lot younger.

His time and lessons with Mr. Benifee after school were more important and life path altering, than any other thing in his world.


That’s what GMO credits to being where he is today, able to help so many kids, in a similar way as he was lifted by Benifee into another world which he didn’t know existed.


Instead of feeling like everything was crashing down into him, Little gmo was able to escape into an expansive world of hope, opportunity, lifework and possibility.


Mostly GMO talks about his Mentor, Mr. Benefee.  Mr. Benefee and his wife saved Maurice from becoming anything more than one would ever expect he could, being born and raised in those tough, tough settings.


Mr. Benefee’s wisdom, patience, creativity, and ingenuity brought Maurice to see that there was another side to life, allowed him to glimpse into the possibility of something more. Time at Benefee’s gave little GMO the golden ticket to experience another reality, to crawl into an escape from his daily world.  To dive into a world of work, of creating, building, and solving.


Grandmaster Orange credits Benifee with learning how to be a gentleman and understanding what chivalry means, how to treat elders respectfully, and with his keen eye for design and style.


Not to mention GMO’s talent in sewing, designing drapes, upholstering furniture, building stage sets, creating play props and dance banners for the Debutante Balls.  All of these applicable arts and crafts, design, color, and creativity opportunities offered GMO a chance to sink himself into a world of creating.


That world set the tone for his entire life.

Grandmaster Orange is available for Speaking at educational events, through the Free Speaker Bureau website.  His educational speaker profile is here 

gmo free speaker bureau profile

gmo free speaker bureau profile


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