Defensive Tactic Training Services



Grandmaster Maurice Orange (GMO) provides Defensive Tactic Training to military and civilian groups upon request. GMO is highly sought after and experienced  in providing professional defensive tactic training in the areas of:



Combat Training I Self-defense


Security I Rape Prevention


Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT)



GMO teaches Defensive Tactic Training locally and internationally.  He has trained organizations including the United States Navy SEALS,  several branches of California’s Law Enforcement personnel, and the Australian Police in Sydney in the areas of pressure point control and combat training defensive tactics.


Inquire directly to find out more and check availability for upcoming defensive tactic training sessions. Trainings are usually booked several months in advance and often repeat visits are booked a year in advance.  So don’t wait.  You may use the contact form here:

Inquire about Defensive Tactics Training with GMO by emailing or contacting him on the Contact Form.

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