Parents love Sidekicks for their kids.

Parents Love Sidekicks

Parents love Sidekicks for their kids.

Parents love Sidekicks for their kids. One parent explains that her 7 year old son has gained so much confidence since he’s been taking Taekwondo classes at Sidekicks. We love to hear stories like this from Sidekicks families! If you have a Sidekicks story to share, please let us know.


She says the instructors are nurturing and work with parents to help teach the kids important life lessons.  One thing that happens in Sidekicks classes is that the parents need to stay and watch the classes. So parents are right at the side of their kids, and everyone is accountable.

Parents become partners with Sidekicks instructors, working together in training their kids in more than just karate. For example, if a child is misbehaving in school, the Sidekicks instructors hear about it and that will be addressed in the class, without singling out a specific child. The class discussion will be about how certain behaviors affect others. Then the parents and kids will be encouraged to continue that discussion on the way home from class.

It’s a team of parents and Sidekicks teachers all working together for the children to succeed. That’s what makes Sidekicks so special!

You can check out more testimonials from parents that love Sidekicks on Sidekicks Yelp page.


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