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Sidekicks Black Belt Kids Answer Frequently Asked Q's

Grandmaster Orange will certainly have a lot to say about perseverance. He’s been doing Taekwondo for 55 + years! For now, we will start by saying, Perseverance. It definitely takes stick-to-it-tive-ness to become a Black Belt!

When other kids are sleeping in on a Saturday morning,

Sidekicks Black Belt Kids are in the Dojang practicing their moves.

Everyone wants to know, “What does it take to become a Black Belt?” It certainly takes Perseverance. We decided to gather Sidekicks Black Belt Kids answers to frequently asked questions. Stick around, as we find out their responses.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy Black Belt Kids have dedicated a lot of time, effort and perseverance into their Taekwondo practice to earn their rank. They certainly can tell us what it takes.

There may be times when you don’t feel that you are progressing. There will be more times when you aren’t in the mood for practicing. Above all, you will encounter days that you feel like quitting. Well… DON’T. You can read a testimonial here about a Sidekicks Jamaica student who never gave up and finally achieved his black belt. He was so thankful that he had perseverance through all those years.

You may have heard the saying,

“A Black Belt is simply a White Belt who never gave up.”

If you need inspiration, ask any Sidekicks Instructors or Sidekicks Black Belts. Meanwhile, watch some videos of the Sidekicks Black Belt Kids on YouTube.

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