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San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, Inc.


Please, Stay At Home!

San Diegans:  Both the California Governor and the San Diego Mayor have been on the TV asking that we keep our children at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The stay at home period is between January and February 2021.

Facilities found to be in violation of the order will be fined $1,000 minimum.  Sidekicks students will be awarded (1) months training free at the beginning of March, with the remainder of the free time made up between instructor and student. Remember:  Any student may attend a class below their present rank.

If you are new to our facility, and wish to sign up for our 5-week introductory program, call 619-267-4420. 

Sidekicks Class Schedule July 2020
GMO COVID Breakthrough

June 25, 2020 COVID Update Message from the GMO:

There have been several changes at Sidekicks Martial Arts. COVID-19 has caused extra cleanliness and protection measures. We are embracing these changes, and adding a few of our own which is why we’re opening on July 6th (weeks later than the start of Phase III).

Additionally, as my 9th Degree Black Belt test completed, it is my legacy goal for Sidekicks to become more of a private school of martial arts and whole learning….

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Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy home to Grandmaster Orange and hundreds of black belt students he has trained over 40 years in business. Karate classes build self confidence, the most powerful gift you can give your child.  Schedule a meeting with Grandmaster Orange to determine if Sidekicks is a good fit for you both.

GMO Red Mask and Uniform July 2020
No Mask No Class

Students: There’s a principle called “Even When No-one is Looking.” It’s time for you to put your Sidekicks tenets leaned, to the test, at home. Your parents and grandparents need you now to step up and be the best you can be. Especially when no-one is looking! 

Looking for a martial arts program for your child or grandchild? It’s an important decision.

Need some guidance on making the right choice? Grandmaster Orange has taught tens of thousands of students martial arts.

Download his check list of what to look for in choosing a martial arts school for your kids.

Martial Arts Checklist Badge

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy offers new students free classes for one week. Come try Taekwondo with Grandmaster Orange! Apply here.


It’s not often that a martial arts academy has a Grandmaster teaching classes, especially in San Diego! Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy was founded by Grandmaster Maurice Orange. GMO opened his first Taekwondo school in 1980. He founded Sidekicks Martial Arts in 1989.

Still running the academy, and often teaching classes, legendary Grandmaster Orange “GMO”instills his students with a keen sense of self confidence and respect for elders. Students at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy are trained in the principles of Martial Arts Excellence. Find out more about it here.

40 Years Sidekicks 2020

About San Diego Sidekicks

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy home to Grandmaster Orange and dozens of black belt students he has trained over 40 years in business. Sidekicks provides holistic martial arts training that brings out the best in you and your child. Sidekicks Martial Arts emphasizes academic excellence, family responsibility and personal protection for children.

Sidekicks Taekwondo training instills character, discipline and self respect in kids of all ages. Armed with positive attributes, Sidekicks Martial Arts students develop inner strength necessary to avoid temptations facing youth of today.

Is Your Child the Next Karate Kid?

 Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy offers new students free classes for one week.

Come try Taekwondo with Grandmaster Orange!

Here’s what parents are saying about Sidekicks:

I would be a totally different person if it wasn’t for Taekwondo. Things I learned in Taekwondo are hard to learn somewhere else. I developed a great understanding of how important it is to earn something, especially when you work really hard for it. I learned how crucial it is to serve as a role model to children. I learned that trying is what allows for success. I learned everything takes practice. I learned that patience is truly a virtue. I learned that the generosity you put forth to others comes back to you in twofold. Most importantly, I learned that I am not alone in wanting to make the world a better place. The training that I received in Sidekicks is far more than what I ever hoped for. ~ Ron Vasquez, 1st Degree Black Belt, Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, April 27, 1996

5 Stars martial arts school san diego

Dear Mr. Orange,

Thank you so much for the beautiful bouquet of roses you sent me!  🌹

You are such a caring, and loving and so professional martial arts teacher. We have known you for almost 4 decades- how time flies!

Our 3 children are now all graduated from college and on their own. My family is wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

~ Sincerely Andrew’s mom and Ethan’s Grandma, November 2018 

10 stars martial arts school San Diego

Saul Solano Jr.  recommends Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, March 2018

5 Stars

Jay Ruiz Jr. reviewed Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy – 5 stars, October 2017

5 Stars

Maria Uriarte Solano recommends Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, September 2017

5 Stars

Camilla Hedblad Gillespie reviewed Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy – 5 stars, June 2014

5 Stars

Sidekicks instructors and junior instructors are great working with kids. They really expect a lot from the students at Sidekicks. It is not a place to go, if you’re not serious about committing to coming to class. ~ Sidekicks Parent, July 2019  5 Stars

Jonathan Quinto reviewed Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy – 5 stars, August 2013

5 Stars

Vonetta Whittemore reviewed Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy – 5 stars, March 2018

5 Stars

I was a student of Grandmaster Orange and then I was a Sidekicks instructor. Now all five of my kids are learning Taekwondo at Sidekicks. Sometimes I still put on my uniform and go in to help teach classes. Three of my kids are already black belts too. ~ Mr. Tran, June 201810 stars

We brought our sons to Sidekicks when they were young. Now our grandkids are learning martial arts at Sidekicks. We never get tired of coming to classes and testing. We love watching Grandmaster Orange and his team of instructors work with our grandkids. Even one of our sons is teaching again. ~ Pablo Family, April 2018 10 stars

“GMO treats his students like his own kids. He looks scary but if you dig him deeper he’s funny. He’s so friendly as well. When it comes to their form, he’s strict on them because he wants them to do it right.” ~ Ms. Mangubat  recommends Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy,  December 2018   

5 Stars

Discipline mixed with fun…individualism mixed with teamwork…confidence building….strength building…all wrapped up in a unique art form that is made even more unique by a Grand Master who thinks outside of “the box”.  ~ Mr. Dulawan reviewed Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy – 5 star, June 2015 

5 Stars

Our son, Sebastian has been going for two weeks and within this little time, his confidence level has peaked, and has gone all three classes offered during the week. Grand Master Orange and his instructors are amazing. I highly recommend for parents to go and watch these amazing instructors with the kids. The kids are taught good values and to work hard.  ~ Ms. Pina recommends Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, September 2018 5 Stars

Testimony Sidekicks


Karate classes build self confidence, the most powerful gift you can give your child. Schedule a meeting with Grandmaster Orange to determine if Sidekicks is a good fit for you both.

Sidekicks is conveniently located in the Alta View Shopping Center, where it has been in Suite Q for more than 30 years, longer than Ralph’s has been there. You’ll easily find plenty of free parking.

Sidekicks Achievements

Classes Taught
Kids Trained
Belts Awarded
Hours Practiced

What if your child was always opening the door for you?

That’s Courtesy!

What if your child behaved well and spoke kindly of others at home and school?

That’s Integrity!

What if your child developed the trait of never giving up ?

That’s Perseverance!

What if your child got in the habit of always telling the truth?

That is Self Control!

What if your child was able to get up and keep on going even in the face of difficulties ?

Indomitable Spirit!

Could you imagine how fantastic you’d both feel ?

That’s Victory!

 Sidekicks Upcoming Events

Here is Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy calendar of Sidekicks special events. It includes Sidekicks Testing Days. Additionally, GMO will announce events in class, that may not be posted here. Above all Sidekicks students, keep well informed by coming to all of your classes!

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