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Tenets of Taekwondo

Sidekicks Martial Arts Helps Students

Sidekicks Martial Arts helps students excel in school. Grandmaster Orange requires each student to have passing citizenship and academics in order to test for belt rank.

That means, if you are a white belt in Sidekicks, and you are ready to test for yellow belt, you need to have your school teacher’s approval. Your classroom teacher has to sign a permission to test slip. This indicates to GMO that you’re getting good citizenship and academics in school.

The same thing goes for yellow belts testing to green belt rank. And for green belt testing to blue belt. Yep, and from blue belt to red belt.  Of course, it holds true for anyone testing for the coveted black belt rank.

Sidekicks San Diego has many, many black belt students in it’s ranks. There are more than two dozen practicing black belt students currently at Sidekicks. This is not to mention Sidekicks instructors, which are all black belts.

Some of Sidekicks black belt students, are second generation Sidekicks students. Not every martial arts school has second generation students taking classes, especially as many as Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy.

Families play a big part in Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy. Home to many second generation students, Sidekicks is a community. It’s a place to build character, learn self discipline, and practice self control.

With GMO requiring academic excellence, you can bet, there are a lot of proud Sidekicks families. As a result, each class with GMO creates opportunity for family bonding and personal self development.

With strict belt rank testing requirements, Sidekicks Martial Arts helps students excel in school. Commitment, discipline, perseverance and integrity all lead to better grades.


Sidekicks Kids Taekwondo

Sidekicks Student Oath

“I am a student of Taekwondo. I strive to live honorably through peaceful means.
I have the courage to face all challenges, and the strength to conquer.
I respect my juniors and seniors, and live in harmony with my family, friends and neighbors.
I am dedicated to my physical, mental and spiritual growth.
I am a student of Taekwondo.”

At Sidekicks Martial Arts Academic excellence is expected. The team of GMO and Sidekicks instructors make sure that your child’s first experience with martial arts is safe and productive. Each child is supported and encouraged to learn and progress at their individual pace and level.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy instructors go through years and years of training and development, working alongside Grandmaster Orange and other senior instructors at Sidekicks. In fact, many if not most of Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy instructors were previously students of Grandmaster Orange, or someone that GMO taught. Visit Sidekicks Instructors page.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy is highly recommended by teachers, counselors, parents and school administrators throughout San Diego County.

Each child is required to share their academic progress report with Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy instructor staff. If a Sidekicks student is not meeting the requirements for academics and citizenship, then a corrective plan is set in place. Parents and grandparents, or other guardians of the student, the student’s teacher, and GMO all communicate. Hence, making sure they are together on the same page, ensuring the student gets on track to succeed.

If a kid is not doing well at school academically, or socially, Grandmaster Orange and the Sidekicks instructors know about it, and corrective action is taken. Corrective actions for misbehaving can mean enduring a learning moment in front of Sidekicks classmates and parents. Or it can mean sitting in GMO’s office and doing homework after school, five days a week. One way or another, the lesson is learned.

Former Sidekicks students assure current students that GMO was sterner, stricter, and tougher on students, earlier in his career. However GMO can certainly lay it on the line and make kids suffer pains of their misbehavior. Grandmaster Orange knows a thing or two about dealing with kids that misbehave. That’s for sure. He’s been around, and he’s seen kids do a thing or two. So he knows a thing or two about how to address misbehavior in kids.

Find out more about GMO’s background here on the Sidekicks Founder page.

Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy emphasizes academic excellence.  Sidekicks Taekwondo training strengthens the physical body and increases mental alertness. Students need permission to test for belt rank, from their classroom teachers. In this respect, Sidekicks Martial Arts helps kids excel in school.

Sidekicks Taekwondo training instills character, discipline and self respect in kids of all ages.  The lessons are enduring, and timeless. Parents benefit from watching their kids in Sidekicks Taekwondo classes.  Often, there is standing room only, as the teaching moments are absorbed. Sidekicks lessons are experienced through generations.

The martial arts lessons transfer into discussions in the car, on the way home. Grandmaster Orange teaches in a way that crosses generations. His lessons hit home to parents, grandparents, kids in class, and their siblings.

Armed with positive attributes, students at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy develop the inner strength necessary to avoid temptations facing youth of today.

Academic excellence is encouraged at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy. Passing  academics and citizenship are requirements of students at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy in San Diego, California.

Sidekicks students are required to receive permission by their classroom teachers, in order to test for Sidekicks belt rank promotions. In this way, Sidekicks Martial Arts helps students excel in school. This makes for proud parents, grandparents and students.

Here are Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy testing requirements.

Grandmaster Orange requires all Sidekicks Instructors to be at a Black Belt level. Sidekicks instructors are continually training, improving their teaching skills and their own martial arts techniques.  GMO puts instructors at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy through strict professional development.

GMO is a stickler for things like punctuality, respect, integrity, and discipline. He teaches kids to honor and respect their parents and grandparents. Grandmaster Orange likes keeping things moving, and seeing results.  GMO is not one to let a faltering instructor continue. He is strict on his instructors and demands a lot of them. Consequently, the Sidekicks instructors demand a lot from their students.

Want to know who the Sidekicks Instructors are?  Visit our Instructors page.

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