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Tenets of Taekwondo

Sidekicks Vision inclusive leadership

Grandmaster Orange decided to start Sidekicks in 1979. He was inspired to create Sidekicks, with Sidekicks Vision – Inclusive Leadership for all martial arts students.

Sidekicks Mission

“Teaching children and their families

to live with honor, respect and
discipline by developing and sustaining

a lifelong practice of
martial arts.”

Sidekicks Vision

GMO Sidekick Taekwondo World Magazine

The Sidekick.

One day Maurice picked up a Black Belt magazine. On the cover was a martial artist doing a very spectacular kick. You guessed it. The sidekick. Young GMO took the magazine to his instructor, Mr. Rossette, and requested to learn kicks of that nature. Mr. Rossette indicated that such kick techniques are unique to Taekwondo. He advised Maurice to seek out a Taekwondo instructor.

(Little did Maurice know, that he’d be appearing on the cover of Taekwondo World magazine in his future, doing that very same Sidekick.)

Legacy Phase of Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership

GMO’s been teaching Taekwondo for long enough to realize that he’s in the legacy phase of his career. He knows that what he says and exemplifies in front of students, makes a big impact in their lives. To GMO, the legacy phase of his career, means he’s making an impact on future generations. That’s exemplified by Sidekicks former students that return, decades later, and bring their kids to train at Sidekicks. He considers this a pretty awesome legacy to own up to.

Sidekicks History

What’s the History of Sidekicks Martial Arts?

The history of the Sidekicks Dojang goes way, way, way back.  Back to the days of covered wagons and apple pie. Wait a minute!  Covered wagons?  No.  Apple pie? Well that’s good any time!

All kidding aside, Sidekicks did get started before most Sidekicks parents and all Sidekicks students walked this earth. Sorry GMO, we know you don’t mind being called “old and grumpy” these days. We also know first generation Sidekicks students insist you were much stricter back then. If you want to learn the real Sidekicks history, here it is:

GMO left the US Navy in 1979

That’s when things picked up for future Sidekicks GMO’s career!  It was the late 1970’s.  (Think Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago.)  Although he’d been taking martial arts lessons practically all his life, Maurice Orange started training seriously under an instructor named John Rossette. Mr Rossette taught in the style of Wing Chung Kung – Fu.

On Mr. Rossette’s recommendation, young GMO started under his first Taekwondo instructor, Mr. Chuck Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins was a student of Pat Burlesson and Alen Steen. Their instructor was Grand Master Jhoon Rhee.

Under the tutelage of Chuck Hawkins, GMO excelled quickly. Soon he was doing the Sidekick! He was even doing the Flying Sidekick by the time he was a Yellow Belt. Thirteen months after starting Taekwondo, Maurice Orange attained the rank of first Degree Black Belt.

Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership

Sidekicks vision inclusive leadership for all martial arts students, started when GMO was in the U.S. Navy. GMO was teaching martial arts and was still a martial arts student, himself.  In the late 1970’s GMO was training under Taekwondo instructor, Chuck Hawkins. Inspiration sparked inside GMO, to open his own Dojang and teach Taekwondo.

Way  back then, (DJ-ing Earth, Wind, and Fire) young GMO had the Sidekicks Vision inclusive leadership for all martial arts students. Here’s a video clip of GMO explaining why he started Sidekicks.

Grandmaster Orange Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership for all Martial Arts Students

How did GMO get the idea to start Sidekicks?

Master Orange had a goal that led to where he is today.  He saw himself owning and running his own martial arts school.  He wanted to teach Taekwondo according to the principles of Integrity,  Discipline, Honor, and Indomitable Spirit. GMO opened his first independent martial arts school in 1983. It was National City Taekwondo Center.

He has never looked back.  Before long, he opened two more schools, in Spring Valley, and Chula Vista. All three schools were running busy schedules, with over 300 students.

After a time, GMO sold the Spring Valley and Chula Vista locations to two A.T.A. junior instructors who wished to follow in his path. GMO then concentrated his efforts on National City Taekwondo Center.

Taking a visit to Jamaica, Grandmaster Orange opened a Sidekicks in Kingston, Jamaica. Sidekicks Jamaica has been open since 1985. At this point Sabum Orange (he was not even a Master yet) had 150 black belts actively training with him.

Sidekicks Vision inclusive leadership for all martial arts students was active then, and lives on today.

Grandmaster Orange Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership for all Martial Arts Students

How did GMO succeed in his own business?

With so many factors against him, how did Grandmaster Orange ever succeed? He was born into poverty. He had no formal business training. He left a good job in Oklahoma City to join the U.S. Navy, where he had a great job. He disregarding the opportunity to stay in the U.S. Navy. Later he left the ATA to run his own martial arts school. It almost seems like he was destined to run Sidekicks.

Well, when you ask him, the answer is, “A lot of hard work, perseverance, indomitable spirit and and determination.”  Sound familiar? He applied skills diligently to his own business, that he learned from his mentor growing up. GMO worked hard, and worked a lot.

His experience in the U.S. Navy helped GMO succeed as a small business owner, “It helped me understand what real teamwork is. I continued to further develop my leadership skills. Especially I learned to be successful under pressure.” You’ll find GMO’s profile on the US Veteran Owned Business website.

Now, fast-forward. GMO has been teaching Taekwondo for over 45 years! In fact this year 2020, is GMO’s 40th Year in Business. Martial Arts business, that is! Happy 40th Anniversary.

Grandmaster Orange has been so successful, at running his own business over the years, that he’s now teaching other martial arts businesses how they can be successful too.

What does Sabum mean?


What does Master mean?

Master Instructor is the correct term. It means the instructor has obtained the level of 6th degree black belt.

In 1990, Master Orange (he was not Grandmaster Orange yet) resigned from the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). That was a big brave step. It meant that he was branching out on his own. He received no support and no blessings from the ATA. Even his own teacher did not offer any advice. He had to figure out everything on his own. He did not even know how to fill out an enrollment application. At that time, without being associated with the ATA, one would fail in operating a Taekwondo center.

Forty years later, Master Orange is now Grandmaster Orange. And he is celebrating 40 years in business.

What does Grandmaster mean?

Grandmaster Instructor is the correct term. It means the instructor has obtained the level of 8th degree black belt.

Grandmaster Orange Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership for all Martial Arts Students
Grandmaster Orange Sidekicks Vision Inclusive Leadership for all Martial Arts Students
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