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Why did Grandmaster Orange start Sidekicks?

Why did Grandmaster Orange start Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy? So every child could have a place at the table of leadership. If you are a Sidekicks Student, you’re a part of the Sidekicks legacy. GMO started Sidekicks for you. So that all students can sit on the testing board… he leveled the playing field. He did it so all students are able to advance in ranks of belt promotion. At Sidekicks all students can progress through ranks of leadership. Yes, GMO created Sidekicks for you.

Now is the time to stay the course. Be strong. Practice what we’ve been learning. Put it to use. Use your Taekwondo skills. Don’t stop because the going gets hard. Keep committed to your Taekwondo practice. Do some forms every day. Recite your tenets every morning and afternoon. Practice the student oath with your brothers or sisters. Teach it to someone new every day. This is the time you have been in training for. Don’t stop now. This is your real test.

Why did Grandmaster Orange start Sidekicks?

GMO created Sidekicks for you. Check out this video and hear it from GMO himself. Here he is talking with a group of green belts. Ms. Castillo is a long time student of GMO’s. She attended Sidekicks before it was even called Sidekicks! That’s right. Her and a couple of her family members were students of GMO.

You’re a part of the Sidekicks legacy, too. At the end of this year 2020, we will all look back at the challenges we’ve had to overcome. We will know what we went through to become better people. We will have become better sons, better daughters, better individuals.  All of us are in this together. Hang on, be strong, and live your Taekwondo.

GMO created Sidekicks for you.

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