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Celebrating 10

Celebrating 10!

One of our Sidekicks Yellow Belts has recently turned 10 and he celebrated this milestone with his family! For his tenth birthday, guess what was on his cake decoration? The Sidekicks School Patch! So cool.     The family also…

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Celebrating Inclusion

Celebrating Inclusion

Celebrating Inclusion Grandmaster Orange spoke to students at High Tech Middle School, as a special guest for their Black History Month Community Meeting. He was invited by a current Sidekicks student. Sidekicks students are encouraged to learn and practice leadership…

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Sidekicks Black Belts 2023

Sidekicks Testing Day Photos

Saturday was Sidekicks Belt Rank Testing and here are s few Sidekicks Testing Day photos. Students were proud and so were their families, and instructors. These students are only five years old and they already made yellow belt promotions.  …

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pray for Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

One of the Sidekicks moms is a volunteer at the House of Ukraine. She recently travelled to her home country of Ukraine and brought her parents and sister here to escape the war in Ukraine. "February is the shortest month…

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