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Tie Taekwondo Belt

How To Tie a Taekwondo Belt

Many Sidekicks parents and even Sidekicks students struggle with trying to tie a taekwondo belt. In fact, maybe this scenario looks and sounds familiar at your house, when getting ready for Taekwondo.     Watch this video to see How…

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A happy reunion with sidekicks instructor

A Happy Reunion

The other day in class, Grandmaster Orange received a happy reunion from a visitor who stopped by. He’ was shopping at Ralph’s, seen the Sidekicks door open and was wondering if GMO was here. Walking into the school, Grandmaster Orange…

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Sidekicks Taekwondo Class

Martial Arts Topics

What are some  martial arts topics that Sidekicks students learn about? Well, I recently sat in on a week of Taekwondo classes at San Diego Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy and these are some of the topics that students were learning…

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Celebrating 10

Celebrating 10!

One of our Sidekicks Yellow Belts has recently turned 10 and he celebrated this milestone with his family! For his tenth birthday, guess what was on his cake decoration? The Sidekicks School Patch! So cool.     The family also…

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Celebrating Inclusion

Celebrating Inclusion

Celebrating Inclusion Grandmaster Orange spoke to students at High Tech Middle School, as a special guest for their Black History Month Community Meeting. He was invited by a current Sidekicks student. Sidekicks students are encouraged to learn and practice leadership…

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