What are Sidekicks Martial Arts Taekwondo Belt Color Forms?


Belt forms are the progressions of moving through the various belt colors and ranks in the martial arts practice of Taekwondo. Sidekicks Martial Arts Taekwondo belt color forms were written by Grandmaster Orange back in the 1990’s when he founded Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy. Sidekicks Martial Arts Taekwondo belt color forms can be viewed on the Media section of the Sidekicks website. The forms start with White belt and progress through Black belt degrees.




WHITE Student is without knowledge of Taekwondo

YELLOW Seedlings just beginning to grow

GREEN Plant beginning to grow

BLUE Plant reaching towards the sky

RED Student signifies danger, but still lacks control and discipline

BLACK The coming together of all previous belts.

Do Sidekicks Students have Mental Goals?



Yes, mental goal development and attainment is a big part of the Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy training.





Discipline –

(a) Training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.

(b) Controlled behavior resulting from training.


Honor –

Personal integrity maintained without legal or other obligation.


Integrity –

(a) Rigid adherence to a code of standard values.

(b) The quality or condition of being whole or undivided.


Self-Control –

Control of one’s emotions, desires, or actions by one’s own will.


Self-Esteem –

Pride in oneself.


Respect –

(a) To feel or show a different regard for; to esteem or show esteem.

(b) Willingness to show consideration or appreciation


Pride –

(a) A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self respect.

(b) Pleasure or satisfaction taken in one’s work or achievements.


Courtesy –

Polite behavior; gracious manner or manners.


Perseverance –

(a) Adherence to a course of action, belief, or purpose.

(b) Continuing strength or patience, withstanding difficulties or resistance; striving for a goal.

(c) Adherence to moral principles in the face of opposition.


Loyalty –

Faithfulness to a person, ideal, or custom.


Dignity –

(a) The quality or condition of being esteemed or honoured.

(b) Poise and self-respect. (c) Stateliness and reserve in deportment and appearance.


Concentration –

(a) Directing or drawing one’s attention toward a common focus.

(b) Directing one’s thoughts or attention.


Attention –

(a) Concentration of the mental powers upon an object.

(b) Directing one’s thoughts or attention.


Attention Span –

(a) The period of time one remains focused on an object.

(b) The length of time one remains attentive while observing or listening.


Personal Victory –

Individual improvement based on successfully achieving one’s own goals, not measured by comparison to the progress or talents of others

Sidekicks White Belt Form


Sidekicks white belt form is taught at the white belt level. This form includes hand and foot techniques at the early stages of white belt training. The white belt form has a total of twenty movements and is done on a straight line. The line represents the number one, the first known digit in the numerical sequence, and it starts facing east (all forms symbolically start facing east) and then moves to west.


This movement in the white belt form represents a marriage of east to west. Symbolic of students of Taekwondo moving from center, which represents the Sidekicks organization and traveling toward the east, representing the origins of Taekwondo, then moving toward the west, and back to center.


This movement in Sidekicks white belt form symbolizes the coming together of two cultures, merging the best of both worlds, creating a unique system.

Sidekicks Yellow Belt Form

Sidekicks Green Belt Form

Sidekicks Blue Belt Form

Sidekicks Red Belt Form

Sidekicks Black Belt Form

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