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🚽 TP Challenge Entries 🧻

Hat and Shoes

Today we are having a TP (short for toilet paper) challenge. GMO woke up with the idea to get creative during our quarantine time. So here’s what he came up with, a TP Challenge. Check out some entries that have been submitted so far.  Then come up with your own creative idea. This was the image that started it all this morning!

First Creative TP Challenge
See what creative TP creations you can come up with. Post them on the Sidekicks Facebook page here

Then the entries started coming in through chat and text messages…

Decorate TP Challenge Entry 3


Some of our parents even joined in the TP Challenge this morning!


TP Challenge Entry Mom


Then more wanted to play and join the TP Challenge!


Pups in TP Challenge


These two cute foster pups were not so happy, to site still while getting their picture taken. But they did participate!


Cute TP Challenge Pups


Then GMO got really into it, and started to come up with these entries…


Another TP Challenge Bar



Some of us regrouped and tried again…


TP Challenge 2nd try


Because we still weren’t quite getting it!


Hat and Shoes


Now you try! See what you can come up with! Make sure to share them on the Sidekicks Facebook page here

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