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Sidekicks Tenets Integrity
Integrity is always telling the truth it’s one of Sidekicks Taekwondo Tenets. The others are Courtesy, Perserverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit.Β 
Sidekicks Tenets Integrity
Today’s Lesson is Integrity


Answer these questions as well as you can. You may ask your grandparent, parent, brother or sister to help you. Write your answers on a piece of paper. If you can’t write it on paper, tell it to someone out loud. That counts too!

All students completing the assignment will be entered into a drawing, when Sidekicks classes resume. Winners of the drawing will receive prizes when Sidekicks is back to in-person lessons.


Always telling the truth…
1.During the last week, were you honest with someone important to you, like a family member, when you could have told a lie instead? Write down 2 examples:

2. How did it feel to be honest, when you could have been dishonest.

Being honest with yourself…
1. When should you try hard?

2. When do you have to try your hardest? Is there a difference between when you should and when you have to?

3. How would it be if everyone always tried their hardest in everything they did?

Choosing to do what is right…
1. What are the most important choices you make each day?

2. How do you know when you have made the right choice? What helps you know?

Leading by example…
1. To whom do you look for examples?

2. Who looks to you for examples?

3. Why are examples from other people important?

Hear GMO explain why he created Sidekicks for you.
Now is the time to stay the course. Be strong. Practice what we’ve been learning. Put it to use. Use your Taekwondo skills. Don’t stop because the going gets hard. Keep committed to your Taekwondo practice. Do some forms every day. Recite your tenets every morning and afternoon. Practice the student oath with your brothers or sisters. Teach it to someone new every day. This is the time you have been in training for. Don’t stop now. This is your real test.
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