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Be an Everyday Hero

Not all heroes wear capes

One of the Sidekicks students invited Grandmaster Orange to speak with his class at school, as an Everyday Hero.

You can listen to the visit that GMO had at the school classroom last year. HERE IS THE LINK TO LISTEN. During the end of the visit, he even made the school teacher a grandmaster for a day.

GMO Everyday Hero

You can listen to the visit that GMO had at the school classroom last year. HERE IS THE LINK TO LISTEN

Listen here and answer these questions as Grandmaster Orange speaks to the class about being an Everyday Hero.


What year did Grandmaster Orange start martial arts?


Why did his mom take him to martial arts class?


When he was a kid, did Grandmaster Orange want to go to martial arts class?


What did his mom tell him, when he didn’t want to go?


What happened when GMO started going to martial arts?


What else does GMO do, besides martial arts?


Did Grandmaster Orange help the police officers too?


Who else did he help?


What do the stripes mean on Taekwondo belts?


How many black belt stripes are there in Taekwondo?


How many years did it take Grandmaster Orange to get to 8th degree?


What are the tools Grandmaster Orange uses in Taekwondo?


How has Taekwondo made you a better person?

Everyday Hero GMO


How are you an everyday hero at home? At school? In Taekwondo?


Now is the time to stay the course. Be strong. Practice what we’ve been learning. Put it to use. Use your Taekwondo skills. Don’t stop because the going gets hard. Keep committed to your Taekwondo practice. Do some forms every day. Recite your tenets every morning and afternoon. Practice the student oath with your brothers or sisters. Teach it to someone new every day. This is the time you have been in training for. Don’t stop now. This is your real test.



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