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Top Martial Arts School in San Diego

I would be a totally different person if it wasn’t for Taekwondo. Things I learned in Taekwondo are hard to learn somewhere else. I developed a great understanding of how important it is to earn something, especially when you work really hard for it. I learned how crucial it is to serve as a role model to children. I learned that trying is what allows for success. I learned everything takes practice. I learned that patience is truly a virtue. I learned that the generosity you put forth to others comes back to you in twofold. Most importantly, I learned that I am not alone in wanting to make the world a better place. The training that I received in Sidekicks is far more than what I ever hoped for. ~ Ron Vasquez, 1st Degree Black Belt, Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy, April 27, 1996

5 Stars martial arts school san diego

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