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A Happy Reunion

A happy reunion with sidekicks instructor

The other day in class, Grandmaster Orange received a happy reunion from a visitor who stopped by. He’ was shopping at Ralph’s, seen the Sidekicks door open and was wondering if GMO was here. Walking into the school, Grandmaster Orange and him locked eyes and broke into happy smiles at each other.

It was Mr. Astudillo, a long time Sidekicks student and former Sidekicks instructor of 10 years. Wow. He had heard about GMO’s terrible accident and was super sad and had cried about it not knowing if GMO would make it. Needless to say was he excited to see his former instructor alive and well.


A happy reunion with sidekicks instructor

The two of them chatted it up, catching up on where life’s journey has taken them over the past years since they had seen each other. . Mr. Astudillo is a 4th Degree Black Belt and he taught a few thousand students at Sidekicks, including Mr. Visda when he was little.

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