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Meaning of the term Tae Kwon Do

Meaning of the term Tae Kwon Do

Meaning of the term Tae kwon do

The literal translation of the word Taekwondo can be broken down to

“tae” meaning to kick with the foot.

“kwon” means to punch or strike with the hand.

“do” means art or way.

Therefore, Taekwondo translates to “the art of kicking and punching.”

Its physical aspects come from the kicking and punching, while its spiritual aspects come from the art.

Many times the word Karate is used in the name of a Taekwondo school. It seems strange since karate is a Japanese word and Taekwondo is Korean.

This is typically a business decision. More people are familiar with the word Karate. When they see it they will know what a Taekwondo school is about.

The word karate has fewer letters than Taekwondo. When putting up a sign on a school building for advertisement, the smaller word karate fits better on a sign. It also may cost less since there are fewer letters in the word.


Questions for Discussion and Review

What does the word Tae mean?

What does Kwon mean?

What does Do mean?

When you put them all together what does Taekwondo mean?

Is Taekwondo Japanese or Korean?

For extra credit: Why is the word Karate sometimes used instead of the word Taekwondo?


Now write in your own words, the meaning of the term Tae Kwon Do . Can you list what else taekwondo means to you? Take a look at the Sidekicks You Tube Channel and review the Sidekicks belt form videos there.


As a side note to Sidekicks families and parents, students, grandparents:

Today, Grandmaster Orange has a lighter video message for the Sidekicks families and students. GMO is missing you all, during this time. Quarantine keeps us busy with producing new content and material to share online until we can meet again in person. It’s not the same without all of the Sidekicks students and families.
It’s way too quiet here!


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