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Taekwondo Journey

Taekwondo Journey

This student started his Taekwondo Journey with Grandmaster Orange at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy when he was barely knee-high! Now he towers over GMO and many of the other students. He’s been consistent with coming to classes and practicing his Taekwondo forms, starting with the White Belt Form.

White Belt Sebastian's Journey

Taekwondo Journey

He kept coming to classes, even when he didn’t feel like it. He continued getting up and practicing on Saturday mornings, even when he felt like quitting. All of this has been a part of his Taekwondo Journey. And it continues today. Now he is a role model and inspiration to other Taekwondo students.

Sidekicks Taekwondo Journey

One thing that this student and many others find, is that sticking with Taekwondo helps them stick with other activities, as well. Such as learning to play an instrument, and doing well in school. This student also is a gifted piano player. And practicing for piano and sticking with his lessons even when things got hard, have continued to pay off for him.

His Taekwondo journey led him from not being able to tie his own belt, to nearly being a black belt.

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