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A Jazzy Birthday

A Jazzy Birthday

One of our Sidekicks students who has been with us for many years, has just turned the corner into her teens. She turned 13.

A jazzy Birthday

She celebrated a jazzy birthday with her family and we are happy to send a shout out on her special day! Jazzy you are beautiful, strong, and smart. You’re a wonderful help to your family, and a pleasure to have in Sidekicks. Please stay just the way you are! We love you Jazzy.

One of the reasons parents and students love being at Sidekicks is because being a teenager can be hard. Sidekicks helps kids and their families navigate the ups and downs, and provides the tools to help everyone succeed. Sometimes it’s easier to go through difficult phases when you have a support system like the Sidekicks community.

We’re here for you Jazmine!

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