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Not Cancelled 🎈🎨🎵

not cancelled

🥁🖍📙 Things Not Cancelled

A great reminder, of things we can still do, even while there is no school, and, alas 😣 no in person Taekwondo classes, for the moment. This excellent reminder, came from an interesting website which we’d like to credit. Thanks, Unsinkable!

not cancelled


What’s not cancelled?

Well, to start with:

Getting outdoors – not cancelled   🪁  🏃‍♀️

Music – not cancelled   🎵

Family – not cancelled   🤰

Reading – not cancelled    📖

Singing – not cancelled  🎤  🎶

Laughing – not cancelled  🤣😅

Hope – not cancelled  🤞

– not cancelled

– not cancelled

– not cancelled

So, can you make a list of 10 other things that are not cancelled? And (for extra credit) draw symbols to go with each of them. Make your own icons up!


we are unsinkable
we are unsinkable

Unsinkable has an inspirational story about them. The website says, “Unsinkable is a story-sharing platform, hosted by four-time Olympian, Silken Laumann. Their mission is to connect and empower people to achieve better mental, physical, and spiritual health.” (Hmm. Kind of like Taekwondo.) Whether celebrity, neighbor, youth, or health expert, their stories hold wisdom and power.

In fact, Unsinkable is creating a community too. (Like Sidekicks Community.) Their community’s goal is to empower people on their journey to greatness. (Kind of sounds like Grandmaster Orange.) Together we are unsinkable.

While you are at do remember, we are unsinkable too. And recall your Taekwondo Tenets. In fact, recite them. And in your mind, or on a piece of paper, (for extra credit) jot down how you have practiced Taekwondo at Home this weekend.


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