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Newly Promoted Black Belt Student @ Sidekicks Jamaica

Newly Promoted Black Belt Student @ Sidekicks Jamaica gives thanks to his teachers, Master Delroy McDowell and Grandmaster Orange. This Jamaica Sidekicks student proudly shares his experience and gratitude in a post below.     .

Knowing that Taekwondo is a life long practice, means patience is an important factor to success.  Especially when going for your Black Belt!  It may take time.  However, it sure is worth the pay off!!  Whew! 🙂

Above all, remember that attaining a Black Belt is not the end of your taekwondo practice.  It is just the beginning of a new phase of your taekwondo evolution.  Grandmaster Orange always encourages students to Flourish in Your Accomplishments. Read more here on this article by GMO.

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