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Who is Master McDowell?

Master McDowell kicking

Did you know that Sidekicks has a 6th degree black belt Master McDowell?


Early photo of Master McDowell and GMO

Master McDowell is from Jamaica, and started his Martial Arts journey there, via self training. After trying various martial arts disciplines, it was Taekwondo which became his lifelong passion.

At home in Jamaica, he continued learning Taekwondo on his own. He practiced long and kept up the discipline required to advance in ranks.

Master McDowell kicking


GMO met Master McDowell on one of his early trips to Jamaica. When Grandmaster Orange arrived at the Taekwondo training center, he was surprised to learn that the students there had been without an instructor for a couple of years.

Master McDowell was already a black belt at the time. He and the other Jamaican students of Taekwondo, asked Grandmaster Orange to be their instructor and teach them the forms. That is how Sidekicks Jamaica started.


GMO and Master McDowell 1985
GMO and Master McDowell 1985

Master McDowell has dedicated years of physical and mental training in Taekwondo. He’s now a 6th degree black belt, and eligible to test for 7th degree black belt. He loves teaching Taekwondo. Currently, he’s teaching at Sidekicks Georgia. He enjoys sharing the lessons of perseverance and indomitable spirit.

Master McDowell with students
Master McDowell with students in Georgia


Questions for you to answer:

1.) In your own words, what does Master McDowell like about Taekwondo?

2.) Where is Master McDowell from?

3.) How did GMO and Master McDowell meet?

4.) EXTRA CREDIT: What language do people from Jamaica speak?



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