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proper handwashing technique

Hello Sidekicks Families!

Using the proper handwashing technique is always important, and now it is critical for keeping yourself and other people healthy and safe! When Grandmaster Orange was in the United States Navy, back in the (1970’s and 1980’s) he learned and practiced this technique.

Did you know that GMO worked in an Operating Room? That’s right! He sure did. For people working in hospitals and healthcare, this method of handwashing is second nature to them. Grandmaster Orange still washes his hands like this, every time he comes home from teaching at Sidekicks Martial Arts Academy.

Check out this video and learn about the proper handwashing technique. Pretend you are washing your hands as you follow the steps and practice washing your hands along with the video.

Then answer the following questions about handwashing.

How many steps are there to properly wash your hands?
In which step do you wash your thumbs?
Which step do you wash your fingertips and fingernails?

Head over to the website Easy Science for Kids and

Read about Ignaz Semmelweis, the doctor who led us to develop a proper hand washing technique.

Then make up some of your own questions. And ask your family members if they know the answers. Questions like:

Who was Ignaz Semmelweis?

Were people alive 200 years ago?

Did people living 200 year ago know that germs get people sick?

Was it common to wash your hands that long ago?

Why is it important to wash your hands?

You come up with some more question about the importance and the history of handwashing.

Have more time on your hands? (Pun intended!) Check out more Taekwondo at Home Assignments here 

Meanwhile, Happy Handwashing!


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